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Dear Hague,

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new water system. First and foremost, knowing that the drinking water is safe to drink and that it tastes great is wonderful. We now have cleaner dishes, softer hair and skin, and better smelling laundry. The houseplants are now thriving and even the cat is drinking more water. It is also a good feeling that we know the plumbing and appliances in our new house will last.

We certainly recommend The Hague Water System.

-Art & Sherry Esteban

Dear Hague,

Thank you for supplying me with a new Hague WaterMax System. I love it. What a difference in the water, it no longer has a smell to it and it tastes great. I've lived in Havasu for twenty + years and I've always bought bottled water for drinking and cooking. I tell all my friends and relatives that came to live in Havasu don't drink the water, now I will tell them about my new water system, and how it is safe for drinking. Also what a difference it's made in my hair and skin. I love it.

My husband and I highly recommend to everyone who owns a home in Havasu to purchase this system.

-Mr. & Mrs. Portugal

To Whom It May Concern:

Several years ago we purchased a Hague water softener and reverse osmosis unit from Gold Star using salt pellets which we were always very pleased with. When Gold Star just recently gave us a demo on their new WaterMax, it was a "no brainier".....We purchased the Hague WaterMax System. We immediately noticed a difference in our skin, hair, and even our dishes after being in the dishwasher. We know that the potassium is much better for us as well as our plumbing. We no doubt have the best "Quality Water" possible with our new system and love it!

-Debbie & Jack Huff
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